Sorry for the delay again ‘ 3’

Karma is really a pain in the ass to translate X.X

So, I’ve been thinking of reediting the whole story up to now. I got this idea after reading again the first chapter. The writting was kinda… Urgh

Indeed, it is as you expected. Willian? Not anymore. Now it will be only William with M at the end. (People apparently are often bothered by that fact…)

Besides that, I will also finally be remodelling my site, so it would do you good to not expect any chapters until next week xD

That’s all!

Karma:61.The pincer attack

[Update] Sorry for the delay. Tower of Karma is back

I decided to carry on translating tower of karma. I thought that people didn’t like tower of karma that much, but I guess that wasn’t really the case…


I’ve heard that netflix is taking translators and the pay is really good, so I’ve been studying japanese in all my spare time to take the test. That’s part of the cause for the delay.(The other is obviously laziness…)


I just remembered how hard it was to translate tower of karma X.X


60.The second encounter between White and Black

[Update] Katahane comes to an end!

I actually would have been able to finish this chapter sooner, but I forgot my appointment with the dentist to remove those wisdom teeth thingies (is that really how it is called? so weird 0.0 I just googled it cuz i didnt know the name)


I was expecting that you would get put to sleep, but they actually do it while you are awake. Honestly, it was really scarey ;-;  ….but it really takes a long time. By the time it was at the end, I was more bored than scared. One of the teeth was actually really hard to remove. I felt a bit guilty for some reason seeing the dentist operating me getting a bit fidgety about that. It’s like those jap novels the mc apologizes for being reincarnated 笑笑 :O

After that I couldn’t eat anything hot or that you have to chew, and it was recommended that I would eat cold things, like ice cream. Sad thing the air conditioner during the operation just had to fuck up my throat -.- That made me reevaluate my standards. Indeed, headache is not the most annoying pain, but rather throat sore. Sad reality indeed


Without any more delays, here’s your chapter: Riku, the right wing