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With the strife of political powers of her kingdom, Cecile, the first princess, was plotted to be assaulted by a group of contracted outlaws during her travelling. Her loyal escorts were all killed in a few moments; there was no escaping path, nor any way to fight back.

Seeing the violent scene of her guards being blown up into pieces, all she could do was to cry in the embrace of Cielle, her most trusted maid that would always be together with her. All was lost, and soon, everyone was probably going to be killed. Suddenly, a flash of light filled her view.

When they finally opened their eyes, Cecile and Cielle were at the middle of the sky. Before they could scream, they were caught by an old man, standing on his flying sword as if it was the most natural thing.



They had gone to another world. The cultivation world of Lin Ner.


A world full of slaughter, deceit, viciousness. A world where strength was righteousness. A world of cultivation of power.

Suffering many hardships, withstanding many tribulations, going through countless experiences of life and death, after hundreds of years of surviving had passed, they somehow were able to get to the top.

But one day, their most hated enemy they shared grudges of many eras had launched a full out attack. Cecile and Cielle were elders of their cultivation country, but before they could do anything, the scenery before their eyes changed.


The same soil, the same air, the same clouds, the same feeling, the same place. Dust was filling the air and there was a sizeable crater bellow their feet. It had become different, but the feeling it gave was very familiar. It was definitely…


The place of their last memories in their previous world.




1.A simple stroll

2.2.A new life

3.No title :/ title :/

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  1. i’m at loss at “qi” things since i don’t have that much knowledge at chinese or was it korean cultures.

    anyways i like how cunning the characters are. nice xD


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