Guh… I won’t be defeated….. *coughs blood


It looks like my post that was supposed to tell you I was going to be out for some time didn’t go through…


Maybe I had some kind of internet problem at the time I posted it? This kind of thing happened a few times before after all. -.-


It feels so embarrassing how all this became that I suddenly vanished without saying anything>_<

I feel like floating shit.


And by the way, I was going to post today to say that my computer got screwed up, so it will take some time for me to go back on katahane and lolibaba (Was still using microsoft word to translate -.- Now the chapters I had done at my computer are locked in there and I am feeling like I lost some brain cells^^)


I still have an old notebook with me, so I will still be able to do translations. Until I solve my problem with my computer, I won’t be translating katahane or lolibaba. I will translate a story someone said about in the comments some time ago. (Too lazy tocheck the name now^^)


By the way, I actually volunteered to help translate a story called Alice Tales at Raisingthedead. I remember reading that story long ago when I didn’t even know japanese well. It used to have very periodic updates and got dropped eventually. I really loved the story, so when I saw it got picked up and that they were needing translators, I couldn’t hold myself back ^^


…Actually, part of the reason for the first days I went without posting any chapter here was because of that ‘ 3’


From tomorrow then, I will start translating this other story. Be sure to check on^^


See you:D

[Update] ‘ 3’



So like, I´ve noticed since I have stopped consistently updating chapters and updating them in batches instead, the amount of people visiting the site daily decreased by a lot, so I was wondering if you people think it is better for me to go back to that semi consistent updates. (Not having a deadline all the time is nice and all, but I end up slacking and it ends up very tight anyways-.-)


By how it looks like, it feels like a big deal, so I would like to know about it.

Well, that´s the “important” thing I wanted to talk about. Now, if you have accompanied me through this journey, I would like to say that you are now released from this suffering and can go head straight to the chapter links.



Ah, sorry to say, but only one katahane chapter today ^^


It´s that thing about the new schedule I wanted to do. Mondays and Wednesdays is katahane and Tuesdays and Thursdays is Lolibaba. The rest of the days will have releases of both.



T.T = chapter resumed into a single emoji


Lolibaba: (Lol finally)




[Update] zzzzz

How convenient! After translating chapters one after another, my slacking resistance level has risen up! 0.0





Lolibaba is still a pain to edit… I wanted to post all of it at once, but I will leave it to later -.-


For now, I will just go get some rest(and some sleep ^^)

[Update] -.-





It´s so annoying when the meaning of the word won´t show up no matter how much you google for it. -.-


I am feeling so annoyed I want to die ;-;


One katahane and three lolibaba chapters left to go -.-

Braving through the jungle ;-;

I am just posting this so that I don´t end up slacking.Xd


I didn´t translate yesterday´s chapters, so I will need to make up for today… Lucky me that today is saturday, but…


I will still need to do 5 chapters today to meet the schedule….;-; (3 katahane and 2 lolibaba)


The third katahane one is actually kind of a making up chapter too because of the timings I´ve posted the katahane chapters (I am not really sure though… Not that anyone would care when they are getting more chapters ;-;)


At least I didn´t get any new donations, so I won´t need to make an extra katahane chapter.^^”

[Update] MY FIRST DONATION 0.00000000000000000000

More Rook monologues!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


My first donation ;-;


Donation by Gan Hiong Yong of $8.66 (According to today´s exchange rate)


My country´s money is so underpriced .-. (What was 30 became only 8.66)


Either way, thank you very much for the donation! ^^ It really helps me out in keeping with the translations.


Really, thank you very much 0.0


And sorry-.-   I was two days late about the donation…  These last four days were a bit messy, so I forgot to check my paypal account. :/



Now, I will canalize this motivation and finally finish another lolibaba chapter!!


Really, it has been like two months that I´ve been delaying this… It makes me feel stupid…


To be honest… A big part of it was because of being lazy… Lolibaba chapters are so hard to translate ;-;


Every time I think about translating lolibaba chapters, my hands start to tremble… I start having convulsions while trying to get off my bed to go translate it…


But… I will brave through it!! I swearr!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-;


Because of these last incidents, my promises became as credible as the ones of politicians… But this time, I swear upon the name of Hiong Yong that I will finally set a schedule for lolibaba chapters.

I swear to all the Zs I have been collecting until now.

I swear an oath to the heavens!





I am planning on having 4 chapters of katahane and lolibaba a week. (there aren´t many katahane chapters left to translate by the way, so it doesn´t matter too much)


This week though, because I missed a few katahane chapters, (I don´t know how many… Maybe one or two? I am not sure because I my memory is mean and won´t tell, but I am sure I missed at least one chapter) I will release chapters on all the days.


Another thing I would like to add is that I won´t be releasing chapters at a regular time anymore (Not that it has ever been regular lol)


It feels too stressful…



That´s it!



Once again, thanks for the donation ^_^