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Meh… I forgot to edit yesterday´s post.


So, I was thinking about starting to write a story. But there is a little problem…

Although the story itself isn´t really slice of life, there will be a lot of slice of life parts, and I´m kind of lost. So, if anyone want to give me any tips or anything else, please tell me^^


As far as I´m concerned, the main focus of slice of life type of stories have a lot of focus on the characters themselves. Nothing is really happening, so you won´t really want to know what happens because of what will happen, but because you want to know what happens to the Character. As long as you have a good character, it is possible to keep it up.


Another thing I think is really important is to add whenever possible interesting random facts or random ideas for the characters to talk or think about. This would make the *nothing happens* story be a bit more possible to look forward for as it is a bit more interesting and makes character development more potent.


One more thing is minor incidents randomly happening. That is for the same reasons as the random ideas.


Well, no matter what it is, please tell me your opinion. The more information I can work with, the better it is for me^^ I´m the type of person that works better thinking about other people´s ideas rather than my own :/



Now, the last thing is about updates being published earlier than usual. I don´t want to ask about if you want them or not(because it is obvious anyone would want them), but it´s more of something I am a bit curious of…


Like, if you get an update earlier than usual, but the next day you don´t, then would you become upset or something like that? This kind of thing that I wanted to ask about.



With that said, while I will start publishing new chapters earlier when it is possible for me rather than waiting for the time when I usually post, this kind of thing won´t really happen very often :/

Calamity!! It´s a calamity, calamity, calamity, calamity, CALAMITY!!

The chapter is alive. It is unharmed and very healthy, so, seniors, please do not worry.


Today, there was a happy myself being happy and doing a midnight dinner, because midnight dinners are very happy and at midnight. The menu was rice with rice because I like rice and am lazy. Happily going through the dark corridor with the plate at hands, delighted and prideful of the miracle(rice) that was on such plate, I was about to enter my room, which as expected was dark because energy saving is cute.


But, you see, you seee, YOU SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


The plate hit the wall.


I could thank the plate for the aid it gave to me. It received the blow that should have been a head straight to the wall, right? But then, guess what happened?


Was it that I dropped it and all the miracle(rice) left the world?


Wrong, wrong. I wouldn´t blame the good plate for my own incompetence.


Well, in fact, what happened is impossible to guess, so don´t worry about trying to.



What happened was…




So like, it split into two, with one of the sides broken into 6 pieces (not exaggerating… Really)


Must I really thank mister plate for receiving such blow and dying for my sake!? All the miracle(rice) is gone!! There is no more hope in the world! But more than that, plate, my dear friend…


That´s just selfishness, I say! I never wished mister plate to die for my sake! Why would you do that mister plate? Do you think I would praise you after you went to the afterlife???


That´s why I hate martyr characters most of the times… They just go suddenly killing themselves thinking they are doing good and being super cool… But for stuff like that, you need to be calculative, you know? Other people also want to go die for other people´s sake, so in the end everyone is screwed and upset in the end, right?? But it is a bit different if you go die for others, because other people will think it is unfair. Start thinking more about how other people feel, ok?! Stupid…


That´s why it is more benevolent to let other people die for you! It´s the obvious conclusion!


And I must complain. Why did you shatter in so many pieces??? You are made of plastic, so at least properly split in two!! Or is there a trend going around about plastic-made stuff shattering in many pieces nowadays?


This kind of development is too forced ¬¬ Not even in the stories it happens, you know? Reality sucks… It´s only stranger than fiction when it is convenient for it to go screw people¬¬



The post is already so long… But I don´t care so it is fine ^^(But then I figured people would just ignore the post because it is too long… So I will post what I originally wanted to post on today´s post on the next post. Post)









I guess I need to start sleeping a bit earlier -.-


Not particularly tired, but enough for me to notice it. I guess most of it was me sleeping a bit late most of these days… (Internet)


Nothing to say today.(Something to say: Right when I was about to post this, the internet went down of a bit…)


Good night and good morning everyone.




(And good afternoon)

Mimimimi… Dunno any title

The awaited chapterヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)




No reason, just wanted to type Zs… It´s a bad habit…


More importantly!!!


There is a comment on reddit telling:

Your Previous Discussion Search has the wrong link for this subreddit. Here is the correct one. ^_^



But I have no idea what the heck that is about ;-; I´m a bit allergic to reddit, and only an exorcist could save me from it. Master google denied me any guidance and I´m lost without any hope.




Hmmm… And I will fix the next chapter links now.


That´s all for today ^^