Mimimimi… Dunno any title

The awaited chapterヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)




No reason, just wanted to type Zs… It´s a bad habit…


More importantly!!!


There is a comment on reddit telling:

Your Previous Discussion Search has the wrong link for this subreddit. Here is the correct one. ^_^



But I have no idea what the heck that is about ;-; I´m a bit allergic to reddit, and only an exorcist could save me from it. Master google denied me any guidance and I´m lost without any hope.




Hmmm… And I will fix the next chapter links now.


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19 thoughts on “Mimimimi… Dunno any title

  1. there’s no reply button on the latest update, and the link to chapter instead leads to the main page

    but as always thanks for the chapter.

    Rook carried his previous life memories.

    life -> life’s

    Somehow passing for the university exam

    passing for the -> passing the

    memories on these last moments.

    on these -> of these

    For the residents of this word

    word -> world

    In the game, there shouldn’t have a scene were Selestinna

    have a scene were -> have been a scene where

    who were the capturing of Myuuz castle

    needs another word somewhere, participating in the capturing, executing the capturing
    or just get rid of both ‘the’ and ‘of’, and change to ‘who were capturing Myuuz castle’

    had both perished

    had -> have

    for the demons who made her die, he wanted make them suffer twofold.

    wanted make -> wanted to make

    If you excuse us, Rook-sama.

    If you excuse -> If you’ll excuse

    that now had became silent

    became -> become

    No, before that… Yes, it alright.

    it -> it’s

    Just after he deeply breathing three times,

    breathing -> breathed
    still sounds kinda weird even with that change, so you could reword it entirely to something like
    He took three deep breaths, then took out his papers.


    • Thanks for the corrections as always^^ I don´t know why the last post was impossible to comment at… Now that I notice, it is the same for the chapters… I have no idea what triggers the “post a comment” thingy to appear… I guess I can only hope master google responds to my pleads.


  2. thanks for the chapter.

    Riku´s fight against Toudo was very back and forward.

    forward -> forth

    Didn´t you know? Really good horses will always answer to its rider demands…

    rider -> rider’s

    She didn´t need to worry about somebody snatching her price from her.

    price -> prize

    With his spear being snapped into two pierces, his helmetless head split open.

    pierces -> pieces

    Furthermore, one was the head of one of the families in the field while the other was an veteran general serving the other family.

    was an veteran -> was a veteran

    (not sure if I accidentally double posted)


  3. Thanks for the new chapter! For reddit, there’s a browser add on called Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). When you install it, you can go to a previous chapter posting and click ‘Source’ at the bottom of your post. It creates a copy of the post, formatting and all. So you can copy and paste it and only have to edit the chapter link making things a breeze.


  4. Thank you again for your hard work! 😀

    Aw, for some reason I was hoping that she would stick one of their heads on her halberd and wave it around in front of the castle to demoralize the spiritualists. 😦 Oh well.

    Also, found this:

    “And more, with the reinforcements that should have come from the castle being brutally intercepted without even having the chance to fight back, the staff officer was killed. As the result, the Myuuz castle was burnt down and Gortoberuk´s adjutant perished as well. Gortoberuk himself also lost his dominant arm and his longsword, and Gortoberuk´s division of the third army became”


  5. Oops so that because the bottom link for for the /r/lightnovels and /r/noveltranslations are different. So you will need to change the:

    * [Previous Discussion Search](https://www.reddit.com/r/LightNovels/search?q=Katahane+no+Riku&sort=new&restrict_sr=on&t=all)

    part into

    * [Previous Discussion Search](https://www.reddit.com/r/LightNovels/search?q=%5BDISC%5D+Katahane+no+Riku&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=all)

    basically it is searching the wrong sub-reddit right now. You are going to need two separate copies of the source unless you are going to change the bottom part each post.


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