No updates for the weekend

Sorry, I won´t be able to finish today´s lolibaba chapter -.-


See you next week ^-^

[Update] Katahane Chapter -.- (not knowing what to put on your titles is a sad reality)

I was a bit busy, so I couldn´t post it earlier. 1+ Loli chapter and I am back on the schedule. I will try posting it today later on if I can -.-


98.The land of the seal


59.A lax and long war59.A lax and long war


32.Little girl smiles

[Update] Probably no more katahane

Actually, that´s something I forgot to talk about for a few days xD


At the katahane page, it´s written that:



It pretty much means: Because this novel has violated the terms of service for content, it has been removed.


Now, I dunno if the author licensed the story or if it was some kind of mistake on the staff, but it is probably the former.


I wonder if I should remove the katahane chapters…


By the way, I translated like twice as fast as I usually would, so I am in a good mood :3


Just saying, ok…? -.-


26.Little girl scolds26.Little girl scolds