32.Little girl smiles



“Excuse me, John-sama.”


Bela entered the pavilion while saying that. Although it was illuminated at the area light was getting inside from the open part of the ceiling, the rest was completely closed off from light and dimly dark.




Bela heard the voice coming from inside the futon laid over the bed, which was more or less in the center. It was a voice still young; the voice of a teen.


“”Now then, I wonder if he is planning on hiding here all day.””


Though Bela still saw the situation with doubt, the person inside the futon was very serious on doing that. While shrugging her shoulders at his attitude, Bela once again called for him.


“It´s me, Bela. John-sama.”


“Ah, yes, Bela-chan. Thank god. Is there anybody else with you?”(TL note: Chan? You dare! T.T)


Hearing Bela´s words, John asked. It was very clear to Bela who he was referring to by saying [anybody else]. Because of that, she sent a sign to Maia, who was standing behind her, by using her eyes. And then, Maia also joined in the conversation.


“It´s Maia. I am also here.”


Hearing that, John´s tone of voice became one of relief. Crawling out of the futon, John went out to the open air. Although his eyes were somewhat empty, they were focused on Maia, not really minding Bela. The reason for that was because Maia had rescued John, protecting him as she was pulling back at the battle. To say it frankly, he probably became very attached to her.


“Oh, oh. Maia. Yes, thank god. I wonder what in the world I would do if you were gone. Are there enemies around? What about the followers of my younger brother? Is Paroma coming to attack us again?”


As he was rapidly showering many questions, John went to hug Maia.


“Yes, there aren´t any enemies around, so don´t worry. Even if they come, we will protect you.”


“Yes, I can only rely on you right now. I have nobody but you now. Daglas died. Morbo and Zakbah too. Those Paroma trash stole them from me.”


While giving a wry smile in a way John wouldn´t notice, she hugged John back. Then, she looked at Bela. She was looking at Bela´s smile that went from one ear to the other.


“Hah, it´s so warm. It is like Maia is my goddess.”


While desperately trying to endure laughing, Bela looked at John cowering at Maia´s breasts. Bela didn´t come over to deliver his mistress to him. Bela still needed to tell John about the meeting.


“By the way, John-sama. Deidon-sama has arrived. For the time, we´ve received the permission to protect John-sama. Would that be acceptable?”


John desperately nodded at Bela´s words.


“Yes, that´s right. Deidon is a really reliable man. Yes, if he says it is fine, then it is because there really isn´t any problems. The other guys are not good at all. They didn´t come save me, a Moudias. They are allied with my younger brother, Vaara; they definitely are. I will tell about them to my father and have them get a death penalty.”


As to be expected, Bela imagined it would be difficult to have all those nobles get death penalty. But on either case, those matters were none of her business. After pondering over that, she continued.


“I have also been officially gifted the chainsaw. Well, as it has been told me, I shall accept the gift while crushing all the enemies on the honor of the Moudias family. I will kill all of them under the name of John Moudias.


“I-is that so? Well, my father will also agree to that. It should be fine, yes.”


Hearing John´s faltering words, Bela nodded with a smile.


Bela didn´t believe those words from the moment they were said. It wasn´t like John wasn´t telling the truth. Bela knew that the rich and spoiled nobles from before didn´t have the spare time to be meddling with that. Because of that, she was able to get the chainsaw, and she would also be able to get whatever she wants from now on.


“”That thing was his family heirloom, wasn´t it? Besides, I don´t think that Gard Moudias would allow that.””


What Bela was worrying about wasn´t John, but the person that was behind him.


The chainsaw was the treasured sword of the Moudias family, one of the most prominent noble families in the kingdom of Ruuin. With that said, there was some validity on the promise made by Deidon and John, the next head of the Moudias family. Because of that, there were no problems with the legitimacy for Bela. However, it was not completely impossible that Gard would take heavy measures to take the chainsaw back. Deidon has been pointing that out to Bela. And then, Bela realized something.


“”Hmm, Gard? Uhm? I wonder what I am talking about. Who´s that guy anyway?””


For a moment, Bela´s memories became cloudy. Though sometimes words would unconsciously come out of her mouth during the battle, it has been a long time since this happened at a time she had her feet on the ground.


Gard Moudias, the current head of the Moudias family, and also the father of John. Bela heard from Deidon that he was a genuine warrior that survived the great war. However, Bela has never seen Gard before. He should have been someone she never heard of before.


“”Well, it´s fine. Right now I need to focus on what is in the front.””


Shifting her thoughts to the present by herself, she looked at John. And then, looking at Bela with a face that had some fear mixed in, John asked her.


“B-by the way, Bela-chan. Has it been decided when we will be killing those bastards?”


“Yes, it looks like we will be killing them tomorrow. Haha, it will get really busy.”


Hearing those words, John became petrified in shock. He just asked about that casually. It shouldn´t have been more than a few hours since he lost all of his subordinates. The wounds in his heart still hadn´t healed up. There was no way he could have the resolve to fight in such state.


“I-is that so? Well then, w-we need to do our best… tomorrow…”


“Hyahya, well, we will be doing the killing, so it´s fine for the commander to be standing on the back. We will take lots of heads, so it´s just enough to give out some praises once we are there. We are mercenaries after all.”


“I-I will be counting on you.”


John said while making a stiff face at what Bela had told him.


“Yes, leave it to us, John-sama.”


Saying that, Bela looked at John with a broad smile.




“Oya, is Maia still inside?”


Golias, who has been doing guard duty, asked Bela, who just left the pavilion.


Golias imagined that Bela finished what she had to report to John Moudias since she had left the pavilion. However, Maia, who had gone in together with her, didn´t come out. Hearing that, Bela turned her eyes to the pavilion with a smirk and responded.


“Yeah, it looks like that young master got interested in Maia. Haha, they are now flirting with each other, so I backed out from there. Looks like it´s that stuff about putting it in. Maia might even become the wife of a noble, you know?”


Hearing Bela´s words, Golias made a wry smile.


“Maia has more than twice his age. She is more like his mother than a lover.”


Bela laughed with her usual “Hyahya”.


“He is probably at the age to be liking the mama´s breasts. But differently from a mother, there wouldn´t be any problems in shovelling it in or anything of the sort in this case. He can fill up his mommy needs, sleep with her, and even kiss her. What, don´t you think Maia is the perfect woman for a mother-con brat like him?”


Bela started laughing even more. Golias could only let out a dry laugh. After all, those words were definitely not ones that would be said by a child of more than less than half the age of the mother-con in question.


“But even so, I wonder if this isn´t trouble for Maia instead.”


“Who knows. She will be able to eat a young and handsome boy without even needing to go to a brothel. I think it´s not all that bad for her. Either way, don´t let anybody get close there. 犬と違って蹴っぽるどころか、物音一つで小さくなっちまうだろうからね”(TL note: No idea -.-)


Golias replied by saying “Understood”. And then, Bela waved her hand to him and headed to the place her machiini was stationed at.


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  1. Maia is a mercenary; so it wouldn’t be surprising if she did decide to take advantage of a nobleman that way. And given the relative darkness of the setting, it wouldn’t be surprising if she hadn’t seduced young boys for things she wanted before leaving them. But I am kind of interested in how things turn out for those two, since his family might be directly related to the one that killed Bela in her previous life.


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