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Those two chapters were just disgusting to translate ;-;


Even now I am feeling annoyed…





(I wonder why people put the link for the two chapters when they have a double release…  0.0)


I will still be posting a chapter today. I won´t say that it won´t be late, because otherwise, that´s just exactly what it will end up happening -.-


[Update] I´m innocent ¬¬

0.0 wtf This makes me think there is some secret side story in the game since pretty much all the harem members are fucked up in the head in some stupid way


Internet stopped working for like three hours…. I had to translate using my cellphone ;-;




Good thing that it went back after some time, but in the end, I ended up late anyways… ;-;


At least, this chapter is a long one ^^

[Update] O.O

Super cliff?


I didn´t notice that Fiore´s surname was Panther (パンサー), so I will change it at the other chapters and start using it.


I don´t like names that are of things that already exist, but…


It is not an asteroid, so it is fine^^

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…Late again…


I think I will start posting the new chapters more around this time. It is more convenient to me:D (Not that it would change much since I am late by 3~4 hours in the update for more than half of the times^^)

[Update] (Not katahane though…)

Don´t worry. This doesn´t mean that there won´t be a katahane chapter today.


I finally did the toc for lolibaba…


Has it been a month?



There are three chapters up, so it might already be worth checking it out for the people that didn´t. I will be posting a fourth one today too since it is already half translated.


By the way, the synopsis that is being used for now is the translated one. Maybe the way the synopsis was written might work fine in japanese, but in english… Well, at least for most people, since I guess they would want a synopsis that is more explanatory… Also, I didn´t put the ロボ in the english name because… I have no idea what it is. People said it probably means Robot, but… Having a title of Lolibaba Robot in english feels like potato power to the max @.@  Or at least, it would make people expect a comedy.


I will be making another synopsis later so that I can add the novel at novelupdates. I am kind of uncomfortable in doing those kind of things like… How to explain…  Things that are not really defined? Well, doing a synopsis for someone´s else work feels very extreme to me^^(so scarey, so lazy), and since the actual synopsis isn´t helping very much for making the new synopsis, I will leave it to later ^^


Also, it would be really nice if anyone could make a synopsis of it for me^^ That said, I might end up modifying a lot of things if someone does so. If nobody makes one, I will make one myself later.


Besides that, I would like to hear about the translated synopsis. I am kind of curious… >_< Would people in general really mind a “mysterious” synopsis like that?


If you are lazy to check it at the ToC, here it is:


This is a heartwarming story of the incredible journey of a little young girl who got separated from her parents, Bela-chan, together with a big doll and onii-chans she bought with money.


Everywhere Bela-chan and company would go to would always be lively. With the feast before her eyes, licking her lips with a smile, Bela-chan would devour her meal.


“Now, with what kind of reception will the next city receive us?”


Excited, Bela-chan continued her journey…


While dyeing the path she passed through with blood…


[Update] Late… Nothing unusual…



I ended up falling asleep… I went to rest for a bit while I was translating -.-


I even put music so that this wouldn´t happen, but oh well…


I even had a dream that made me depressed. Not going to enter in much details, but it was pretty much a bunch of people that had lost their mind and would attack anyone in sight in a world which was a building that extended infinitely. Just by saying that isn´t enough to get the picture of it, but either way, it made me fell very empty.


Well, that aside, there are two comments I would like to talk about in this post.


“Just a random queation, but it has been
on my mind lately and is a huge problem
for me. Why do all of the comments get cut off?
I love me some haters in the comments and that
are part of the wonderful experience that you
created, so what happened? And it only
happens on you account, please fix it.”


I´ve never cut off any comments. Besides, I´ve never seen any hate comments in the site. I talked about how I didn´t do anything and the person responded me with this.


“It happens on your WordPress account, I don’t believe you are doing it. And it is funny because it only happens on my mobiles but my computer is fine. Who knows, maybe it is just my janky electronics, but I do know it is really weird. You probrobly cant fix it but thanks for answering, most don’t.”


The way everything was phrased up kind of gave me the feeling that he is not talking about the comments on the site, but somewhere else, otherwise he wouldn´t use “wordpress account”. Moreover, I´ve never seen any hate comments, so it is even more unlikely…


…Which means that maybe… I had an account on somewhere else that is related to wordpress and didn´t even know about it!!


Well, I have no idea what all this is about -.- Does someone know something about this?


The other comment is:

“$60 for chapter with your level of translation? Yeah nah, buzz off.”


Something around this price should be the standard for sponsored chapters, right?


In my first chapters, what people said about my translations was that they were shitty, but accurate. Those would be the first ten or so chapters, which actually were really shitty… I reedited most of them, so they should be better now, and I improved since then. The most recent comments that talked about that gave me the idea that my translations had grammar mistakes here and there, but was fine and readeable.


Now, if the case is that there are mistakes here and there, this issue would be easily fixed by me having an editor.(Which in case, there was actually a person coming forward to be my editor, but I kind of refused because I´m lazy to be mailing chapters before publishing them ^^   In any case, I can always beg for forgiveness to him and ask him to be my editor.)


But if this isn´t the case… Then please, properly tell me that the translations are shitty.


If they are shitty…


Don´t tell me:” Nah, tis alright, I guess..)

Do tell me: “Yes, your **** translations are shitty. Oh, and go kill yourself too, bitch”


What I hate the most is people having their opinions to themselves and never speaking up.


That said, it is probably exaggeration that my translations are shitty^^(Hopefully?)


Either way, I would like to know what you think about this. Is 60$ really too pricy for the quality of my translations? And if it is, would it become worth the money if the here and there mistakes were fixed by having an editor?



Besides that, I will start working on lolibaba and also add the “Next chapter” links on every chapter and add them on new chapters from now on.


I still need to finish the ToC for lolibaba… But since I said I was going to be serious now, I will kill my laziness and finish this still today! (Hopefully…)