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Tower of Karma:

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25


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But now, I bring you 18 chapters of Tower of Karma! (The story I said before I was going to translate)

->Tower of Karma<-

It´s 18 chapters, so… forgive me? .-.


By the way, I took triple care in the edition, so there shouldn´t be mistakes at all! (Probably one or two ;-;) Please, give your opinion on that so that I can improve ^^


Here is the synopsis for those that are too lazy to click the link:


Al was a slave born of a prostitute. His only family was his older sister and his only friends are a fellow slave and a thief. His life was very hard but as long as his sister is with him, he can withstand everything. One day, his older sister sold herself to a noble to obtain money to free Al from slavery. Al was in despair, but with encouragement from his friends, he started working to buy back his sister.

However, a few days later, a servant of the noble came to him and handed him a bag, claiming he was delivering the body back to its place because disposing of it was troublesome. At the very moment Al looked inside the bag, his mind broke.

Why were them, despite also being human, treated like trash by people? All had the same ears and same eyes, and the same color of blood, but it didn´t matter to anyone. Were they not human?

He needed to know. He needed to prove them. Al had decided. Now, Al and his sister were always going to be together.

As he gently rubbed his belly, Al made a vow. The next time, it will be their turn to be eaten.