[Update] Sorry for the delay. Tower of Karma is back

I decided to carry on translating tower of karma. I thought that people didn’t like tower of karma that much, but I guess that wasn’t really the case…


I’ve heard that netflix is taking translators and the pay is really good, so I’ve been studying japanese in all my spare time to take the test. That’s part of the cause for the delay.(The other is obviously laziness…)


I just remembered how hard it was to translate tower of karma X.X


60.The second encounter between White and Black

12 thoughts on “[Update] Sorry for the delay. Tower of Karma is back

  1. Thanks for the chapter Lueyuhi >A<
    and please keep translating TOK…
    the other one that baba novacare mentioning about is a machine translator who don't know TOK's complexity
    so please continue TL'ng this and one again thanks. \o/


    • that’s a machine assisted translator.
      also given tower of karma’s language complexity.
      you won’t even understand whats happening after 1 or 2 chapters
      and the most important reason is Lueyuhi is the original translator and this project belonged to Lueyuhi
      he didn’t even ask for Lueyuhi ‘s permission LOL.


    • Hey man, I am MayonaizeShrimp, the one who MTL Tower of Karma that you mention. As I already explained on my table of content and some of my comments, I’d rather have Lueyuhi translate ToK than me.

      Thank you for standing up for me, I appreciate it. But I like Tower of Karma and I wish that a professional translator picked it up instead of MTL.

      In the end, we love this WN and I think Lueyuhi will do a better translation than me..



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