[Update] Katahane comes to an end!

I actually would have been able to finish this chapter sooner, but I forgot my appointment with the dentist to remove those wisdom teeth thingies (is that really how it is called? so weird 0.0 I just googled it cuz i didnt know the name)


I was expecting that you would get put to sleep, but they actually do it while you are awake. Honestly, it was really scarey ;-;  ….but it really takes a long time. By the time it was at the end, I was more bored than scared. One of the teeth was actually really hard to remove. I felt a bit guilty for some reason seeing the dentist operating me getting a bit fidgety about that. It’s like those jap novels the mc apologizes for being reincarnated 笑笑 :O

After that I couldn’t eat anything hot or that you have to chew, and it was recommended that I would eat cold things, like ice cream. Sad thing the air conditioner during the operation just had to fuck up my throat -.- That made me reevaluate my standards. Indeed, headache is not the most annoying pain, but rather throat sore. Sad reality indeed


Without any more delays, here’s your chapter: Riku, the right wing

9 thoughts on “[Update] Katahane comes to an end!

  1. Surprised they had you awake, did you remove all four at once? I mean when I had all of them removed at once they put me to sleep. It still sucked, waking up to find the sides of my mouth ripped a little because they tried to open it more than it could. Think the joker only about 1/2 cm ripped and being all nauseated from all the blood I unconsciously drank.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Well this is funny, a few people I follow(youtubers, translators) have had their wisdom teeth pulled in the last 2 weeks.. and so did I XD
    Finally the end of Katahane, damn you for taking it hostage for so long! >:D


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