48.The Noir Guard appears



There was a small feeling that something was out of the place around. The one to first notice that was Gregour, who had been leading the offensive . Although he wasn´t a witty person, he definitely wasn´t a fool. The battle line was extended because he was hurrying to finishing Nehderks off. There were few roads at the mountains, so it was difficult to have an army in line formation. Because of that, they were in a file formation. And so…


“How weird… It´s too silent at our rear.”


…because of that, a gap appeared.


“Could it be that…. we got isolated!?”


There weren´t any allied troops behind them. Gregour was soon to take notice of it. If he had been too late to realize that…


“We are going back!”


If he had advanced even further…


“Tch! Isn´t he clever for how bulky he is!”


He would have got completely surrounded and taken a rain of arrows. The soldiers whose theme tone of their uniform was blue jumped from the shadows of the trees and bushes. Having already started to retreat before seeing that, Gregour was definitely capable. However, even so…


“Chararan! That´s the [Noir Guard]´s debut.” (TL note: ->じゃじゃじゃーん<- How do I write this in english -.- bloody sound effects)


The [Noir Guard] swiftly cut off their path at the rear without making any sound. About ten people of the black colored group were standing in front of Gregour´s retreating path. It would be easy to overcome only ten people. Without even thinking about that, Gregour charged. That decision was correct.


“Hahan. Did it seem like you could escape from me? How naive.”


The woman that looked like a man got in stance with her long spear. It was at a size that it usually would have been impossible for women to be capable of swinging. It was to the point that even men would hesitate to use it in battle. Seeing that, Gregour´s subordinates smiled.


There was only one person; only Gregour that wasn´t smiling. Only Gregour knew it. Only him understood that the macho woman in front of his eyes….




…was capable of lot.




It was only Gregour, who was being careful, that was able to dodge the attack at the spur of the moment. The two people that were behind him were unsurprisingly cut in half. With the casual swing of the woman, the two men that were wearing armor were cut in half. Not only that, it was two people at the same time.


“This guy!?”


There was no way the macho woman was using her strength to handle the spear. Making the best use of her soft body, and her skeletal structure that was as broad as she could have been born with, she could move the spear well enough without pretty much not adding strength while also having it hold more than enough destructive power.


Moreover, this wasn´t an attack that had been done with only a single blow in mind, but one that was among the consecutive flow of attacks coming after it.


“Nuooo!? This sharpness!”


Gregour, who had decided he wouldn´t be able to escape, blocked the great spear with his own sword in an inadequate stance. Receiving that attack that carried speed, a slight crack appeared on his great sword.


“Tch, so you still won´t die. Looks like you have a bit of spine.”


There was no way Gregour could waste his time with such an opponent that was in front of his eyes. This was because the soldiers that ambushed them in order to surround them were following from behind.


“I, the commander of the second hundred-man squad of Arcadia, Gregour Von Tundar, will immediately push my way through you!”


Gregour raised his great sword upward, giving off pressure. His subordinates entered in their combat stance.


Seeing that, the macho woman sneered.


“I will give you good memories for your afterlife. Your opponent is the vice-leader of the [Noir Guard], Nikka-sama. Remember that in the next world.”


The macho woman, vice-leader Nikka, flexed her muscles with all her power and amassed strength in them. Following behind her, the black mercenaries charged at Gregour and his subordinates.



The centurion Anzerm kept his carefulness. The centurion Karl slowed down his movement as if he had guessed something was happening. Only the centurion Gilberto that was distant from the main battle was able to react to the enemy´s table-turning offensive. For what the momentum of their armies was strong, they received a big counterblow in response.


Anzerm was supposed to have been able to properly hold on his own over this, but…




….he was being considerably pushed back.


He reacted to the enemy´s counter offensive. His decision of taking position on an advantageous ground and going on the defensive was good. He was completely prepared for the enemy´s direct attack. He was properly using the terrain advantage of [high ground]. But despite that…


“That´s impossible. Our side should still have the advantage in terrain. Despite that, why!?”


It was unreasonable that they were being pushed back.


“Just like the strategy books. For you to be thinking of war with just theories… You are still too green.”


Together with those words, an arrow flew next to Anzerm, grazing at his cheek. At the origin of the arrow´s trajectory was a single effeminate man. It was a man that looked like a woman. His equipment lightly had the tone of black. That despite the theme color of the uniform of Nehderks´ army being blue.




Hearing Anzerm´s question, the man smiled and shook his head


“Information is a weapon. Thoughtlessly spouting it is something only fools do. Well, I think Nikka would have named herself though… Nothing will come out from my mouth, and nothing will be taken from it. Yes, I will just tell you the objective of our operation.”


A feminine man. A man that looked like a woman. A man that was mild, delicate and gave off the feeling of gentleness….


“It is that place you are standing at.”


He showed a cruel smile that was like one of a wolf. His appearance was just like that of a wolf.


“This guy…. All troops, focus your attention on that guy! That man is strong!”


Anzerm´s orders flew. Focusing their attention, his subordinates gazed steadily at the man in front of their eyes


Seeing that, the man laughed.


“In the end, you really can´t see. By the time you say whether I am strong or weak, you´ve already failed. War isn´t something done by a few individuals… A wolf isn´t just by itself, my little sheep brought up in a pen.”


Before Anzerm could understand the meaning of those words, soldiers pinpointed the place his formation became weaker due to the terrain at and got their teeth on his troops. It was a surprise attack. The swiftness of the attack surprised Anzerm.


“We are a pack of wolves. We are a fast, strong and smart pack. There is no defeat to the pack of black wolves.”


The fangs of the wolf were being deeply dug into Anzerm.


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