58.The man that was the origin of all this


The man that was the origin of all this, Raimon Barusak, looked at Riku and extended his hand to her.


“Riku, you are really a bad child. For you to be holding hands with the demons even though you were able to survive… To deal with a bad child, some spanking is necessary.”


The instant her own name left Raimon´s mouth, Riku´s heart started to beat loudly. It started to relentlessly beat as if it became out of control. Her whole body trembled. Every cell of Riku´s body each screamed to her to kill the man in front of her eyes. Riku happily smiled.






Cut him to death, skin him dead, skewer him to death, smash him to death, torture him to death, trample him to death, bully him to death, straggle him to death, dry him up to death, squash him to death, beat him to death, bite him to death!


No, that´s wrong. Before killing him, it was necessary to make him suffer anguish of all the three thousand worlds.(TL note: This sounds so chuuni ¬¬  The “three thousand worlds” should be something related to religion, although I don´t know which. Maybe shinto? :3)


Because of the turbulence that was going through her whole body, Riku trembled. This was the moment she had awaited since she had been throw away has arrived. She never thought the day she would become that much overwhelmed by her emotions like that would come. Riku licked her lips.


“The one that needs spanking is you… Father.”


Riku lowered her stance.


She was ready to fight. Right now, even if it is a hundred or two hundred spiritualists, she can cut them all. A sense of liberation took over Riku.


On the other hand, her demon subordinates were trembling for another reason. The head of the Barusak was about to come at them while leading about fifty spiritualists. No matter how, they couldn´t imagine themselves winning this battle. Mustering up courage, one of the demons and pulled Riku´s sleeve.


“Lieutenant colonel, lieutenant colonel, if we are to face this many spiritualists, even if we had multiple lifes, it wouldn´t be enough!”


Riku´s demon subordinate whispered next to her ear.


That voice made her calm down a bit. As if she had cold water poured at her, her agitated feelings calmed down. But even so, there was no way the killing intent inside Riku had vanished. With her killing intent still coming off from her scabbard, it felt that the killing intent became sharper instead. Riku gave a sidelong glare at the subordinate.


“Are you… Intending to show your backs and run from the enemy?”


“Let´s run. We have no option other than running, lieutenant colonel. Bringing the princess and regrouping with lieutenant general Adlar has the priority.”


“Regrouping, yes?”


Riku murmured.


If she had let her body be controlled by her killing intent, this level of enemies would not be enough to have relevance.


However, the weapon she had at hands right now wasn´t the halberd she had become familiar to fight with, but the silver sword she had borrowed from Selestinna Bistolru. She could still fight even using the sword, but it would be hard to say she would be able to have a perfect stance with it. Since they are being lead by Raimon, then most likely each of those spiritualists waiting behind him had a power comparable to Toudo Barusak, who she had crossed swords with at Myuuz.


Raimon Barusak is a powerful foe that can´t be compared to Toudo.


The last time Riku had fought with him was in a mock battle when she was a child. At that time, Riku would use her super strength that had let her even carry those huge barrels at that time. What´s more, if her memory was not mistaken, Raimon would force Riku´s hand back with only a single finger.


Since that time, many years had passed, and Riku´s power had increased without doubt. Because Raimon became older, perhaps his power declined a bit, but even so, she could not be hopeful about that.


At least, if Riku was to fight him by herself, it would be reckless.


If she had Vrusto and the principled Asty, perhaps she would be able to win this battle. However, the ones trembling behind her, although they were those of the elite in the Demon Lord army without doubt, they weren´t selected by Riku because of their strength. She needed to narrow it down to demons that looked they would be able to merge into the human society, and so, she had brought those demons that had appearances similar to humans.


If comparing to Asty´s excelling combat skills, they wouldn´t even reach her feet.


It wasn´t possible to imagine those guys that wouldn´t even against Asty winning against those people that had strength comparable to Toudo.


While Riku was thinking, Raimon made his move.


“What´s the matter, Riku? Are you not fighting?”


Perhaps Raimon was out of patience. Raimon provoked Riku.


“So annoying. Do you want to fight me this much?”


Riku clicked her tongue in a low sound. Riku hated Raimon. He hated him so much to the point of just with the simple word “hate” not being enough to describe it.


However, something that took even more priority than him right now was to deliver the princess that was locked inside the box safely. If she manages to succeed in this mission, she would get to be exempted from doing that test.


She didn´t have the time to worry about these worthless personal affairs such as killing Raimon Barusak.


All she needed to do was to carry the box the princess is inside and rush to Leivein, who is waiting for them outside.


Yes, if Riku was able to escape with the princess, it would be her victory.


If it was her, she would be able to run away while carrying the princess. Once she ran back to where Leivein is, all there was left to do was to go back to Taitas, the demon capital. From the royal capital to the demon capital, there was a considerable distance. Until then, they would be able to lose Raimon´s pursue.


Once she succeeded in bringing the princess there, she would be able to advance one more step in her career.


“Is Riku scared?”


“Scared? You mean me?”


However, Riku did one swing with her sword in the air. Probably guessing Riku had intent to fight, the demon from just before had pulled her sleeve strongly. And then, with a tone harsher than before, he pointed his feelings of opposition.


“Lieutenant colonel, please stop! Let´s run! Let´s run, I say! There is no way we can win!”


“No way we can win. That´s right, there is no chance of winning against them.”


Declaring that without hesitations, Riku shook off the demon´s hand. While having her eyes burning with flames of hatred, she simply glared at Raimon Barusak.


“Only you don´t!”


Shouting only that, Riku kicked the stone paving of the street full of strength.


She had the feeling she heard voices of the demons trying to stop her, but she didn´t have the time to be worrying about that.


“You go carry that thing to the captain right now and regroup with him! I will be following you from behind!”




“Quickly, you blockheads!”


The mission took priority over her own matters.


And so, they needed to escape with the dead weight of a princess at all costs. It was inevitable that they turned their back to Raimon. Because it is necessary to stall the spiritualists, someone with suitable strength needed to remain behind. If the one stalling easily broken through, the person won´t be able to stall anything.


With that, somebody that can fight to equality against those people that have strength comparable to Toudo was to remain. There was only one person qualified for that.


…Only Riku.


The other demons were already with their hands full with running away while carrying the princess. They would definitely not be able to buy any time.


And so, Riku grasped her sword. With her stalling the spiritualists, the demons would be able to safely deliver the princess. All she needed to do was to choose the right time and pull back. Riku thought this was the best choice.


“The time is now!”


While shouting, she raised her sword to Raimon Barusak.


Of course, the sword didn´t reach Raimon. As if they had been waiting for it, the small fries jumped in front of Riku. A barrier of small fries was made in front of Raimon.


“Go die already, you traitorous girl.”


While shouting, the spiritualists pointed their sword to Riku.


Riku didn´t even give a glance to them. While still glaring at Raimon through the gap of the human wall, she swung her sword horizontally. The sound of the swords the spiritualists were holding being sent flying and the light sound of their bellies being torn off was possible to be heard. And as for the voices of anguish that were heard at that same moment, Riku didn´t have the time to be caring about it.


“Tch, you! Keep being cocky while you can!”


“Kill her! Kill this red child.”(TL note: I´m not sure how to translate鬼子. In the story, this word would actually literally be what that thing of a red haired child that would be born despite the parents not having red hair.)


It was possible to hear the shouts of the spiritualists. Because of those piercing angry cries, Riku thought her eardrums would stop working. With those angry cries being raised, their attacks became even more violent. A blow Riku wasn´t able to completely handle grazed at Riku´s cheek. Together with the sharp pain, a stream of blood flowed out.




Apparently, it seems the spiritualists weren´t using those wooden swords that are generally preferred, but swords that were actually forged by craftsmen. Only by that, Riku was once again able to realize that they were really coming to kill her.


“Sorry, but I won´t be that easily defeated.”


Riku looked like she was about to be engulfed by the fierce attack from the cold sword in front of her eyes. But even then, she parried it and cut the obstacle hindering her into pieces. The smell of blood that would definitely not fit this water fountain plaza was dispersing around. However, this was an odor Riku was used to smell. It felt as if she had become enveloped with the red color she liked so much.


This stink of blood felt like it was actually giving her strength.


Deeply breathing in the smell, Riku brandished her sword at the hindrances. Together with small groans, the big wall was broken through. With a gap in the wall being widen, Riku made a path of flesh. Standing ahead of there was Raimon Barusak with a carefree smile. Without even holding the sword at his waist, he looked at Riku´s direction as if he was enjoying a show. However, while his face was showing a smile, similarly to Riku, his eyes had flames of hatred burning on them.


“You´ve finally come, Riku. Now, I can properly put you to rest.”


Raimon calmly moved his hand to the handle of the sword. Being bathed in the faint moonlight, the sword sticking out of the scabbard was shining in a pale light. There was clearly a great difference from the shine of a wooden sword. With this sword, he was definitely going to come at Riku with intent to kill her.


That´s why, at that time both eyes met each other again, Riku spoke these words to her father.


“Hello, I was finally able to meet you again… Father.”


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34 thoughts on “58.The man that was the origin of all this

  1. The ‘three thousand worlds’ term originated from thought philosophy based on the Lotus Sutra from Buddhism. It is a heavy influence on Japanese and Chinese buddhism.

    In relation to Riku, it basically means she want her father to always be suffering with no respite. From waking to dreaming, always suffering. Probably in direction of handicapping him, and slowly killing off or destroying everything important to him before finally killing him.


  2. I’m starting to tire that all and everyone in this kind of novels never seem to be able to stand provocation. Everyone knows that it’s a trap or they know they have some other duty but the moment the opponent calls them a coward they start attacking.


    • that’s true… but at least riku has the ‘madness excuse.’ she’s quite mad to me xD and that’s even a rumor amongst demons. so it’s a given she will try to follow whatever she feels like doing. what’s surprising is when she actually tries to do what she should, like when she didn’t kill took when she met him in the plaza, because of the plan -> get promoted -> all for levein xD


    • Well, most of the leader-type characters are really prideful about their abilities so I guess thats a reason why they charge forward anyway. However, Riku is much better in that context. To begin with, there are a lot of enemies so they wouldn’t just let the demons escape without someone staying back to stall them anyway. If she had told the demons to stay and fight it’d be irresponsible, but by sending them away with the princess she is giving priority to the mission.


    • While her emotions obviously weighted in on her decision, the logic is sound: somebody needed to stall the Spiritualists. Which isn’t to say there might not be other Spiritualists waiting for the demons further up the road, but at least some of the strongest are tied up with fighting Riku.

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      • Except it is retarded in every sense
        She has superstrength, that means she can kick of harder than anyone else and thus run faster than anyone else
        The demons are stronger than humans as well, so they can also easily outrun them
        So escaping would be ridiculously easy
        But thats not enough, she lets herself get goaded even though she herself just said it would be retarded, into a fight with a dude who can LITERALLY CONTROL HER WITH MAGIC


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